The Money Carer Card

Money Carer is the award winning national social enterprise that invented and launched the Carer Card in 2010.

Today, our cards, secure management platform and smartphone app, is used by thousands of carers and hundreds of law firms and local authorities. Our history, experience and financial strength is our testimony.

Shortly, Money Carer will launch the first Biometric Payment Card in the UK for vulnerable people and their carers as users will not be required to remember a PIN number.

Simply £3.75 per client per month

  • FSCS Protection (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)
  • Unrivalled Customer Service – Click Here to Meet Ollie 🙂
  • Up to 5 cards per account, Zero ATM, card replacement or other fees
  • Balance alert and sweep system to limit maximum account balance
  • Suspicious Transaction Alerts for those responsible for client money
  • View account in the Money Carer Secure Online Portal
  • View account in the free Money Carer Smartphone App
  • Generate bank statements via the portal or app
  • Request additional funds via portal or app
  • Share Documents vis the portal or app

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Biometric Cards for Vulnerable Groups

How it Works

Our carer cards are not simple prepaid cards as they are proper, fully functioning, FSCS protected bank accounts complete with a ‘balance sweeping system’ to better safeguard client funds that are made available to third parties by the ability to set maximum or minimum balances on the account.

Direct debits, standing orders and reoccurring card subscription payments can be set up and as the cards are Mastercards, they can be used worldwide online, and instore.

More Features

Once set up, carers, family members or professionals can access all of the following features online or via our app:

Real-time balance and transaction information

PDF account statements

Card balance ‘upper and lower limit controls

Make extra money requests instantly and securely

Send shopping receipts for auditing purposes

Sweep system transfers excess funds to the funding account

View client budget plans and benefit entitlements

Our award-winning carer card system benefits from features such as balance limits, ATM withdrawal, and spending controls. Our monitoring systems continually scan for suspicious transactions and our unique ‘sweep’ system, based on your preferred maximum card balance, can transfer excess funds back into the account the card is funded from to reduce risk and provide greater protection and peace of mind.

This is a fully managed service where The Money Carer Foundation team can be contacted directly by clients, their carers, support workers and other professionals to ensure the smooth running of the accounts and assist with new or replacement cards and also deal with general queries.