Biometric Cards for Vulnerable Groups
Money Carer Biometric Cards for Carers and Support Workers

Biometric Cards

Money Carer is excited to announce the pending launch of our biometric cards to offer enhanced security and protection for vulnerable people.

The new fingerprinted coded payment cards will support the organisations commitment to supporting financial inclusion for many people who are unable to benefit from making card transactions due to their inability to remember a PIN number.

This groundbreaking initiative will be particularly helpful to individuals with learning disabilities or visual or memory challenges.

In promoting personal autonomy and enabling greater participation in the money management process when people have a deputy or appointee supporting them, the new Money Carer Card will another welcome tool that the Money Carer will make available to its clients, partner organisations, carers and family members.

Background History

In 2010, Money Carer invented and launched the first ‘carer card’ – a secure shopping card solution that enables carers to make purchases for those they care for. The card system has since evolved, offering balance limits, a sweep system, free ATM withdrawals, and spending controls.

Today, the Money Carer Card supports hundreds of care providers and thousands of individual carers across the UK and is also used by many local authorities and law firms who are responsible for managing the finances of their own vulnerable clients. The introduction of the first biometric fingerprint payment card is a natural development in the organisations dedication to supporting its clients and their circle of care.

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